The recent emergence of the Metaverse has been considered a critical turning point in the digital advertising industry. It would combine the physical and digital worlds in an immersive manner. Use cases may include everything we use the internet for today: gaming, commerce, art, media, advertising, smart manufacturing, health care, virtual communities, social collaboration (including for enterprise and education), etc.

Publishers and advertisers, on the other hand, have spent years figuring out how to show their content to end-users without interfering with their primary activities. Thankfully, the Metaverse appears to be an ideal setting for resolving the current issue.

In the traditional advertising industry, publishers often agree to a deal with advertisers before the ad content is served from their inventories. Sometimes, there are inventories without advertising content since both sides can not come to an agreement. Advertisers, on the other hand, have no other option but to work directly with publishers, which results in campaigns that aren't optimized. As a result, advertising networks appear to be a solution to these two issues.

OnePad is a decentralized platform that connects advertisers and publishers to deliver and display ads in a more user-friendly manner. In this proposed solution, NFT, which is one of the most important applications of blockchain, is used as ad space to show advertising content and give benefits to its owners.

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