How OnePad comes to life

The all-new marketing version

Globalization, specialization, and rapid innovation are all changing our lives. The big players are bringing their visions of a metaverse where people can do anything they can do in real life to fruition. Since customers gradually adopt this technology and shift their activities into the virtual world, marketers should take the lead position to reach that exclusive type of customer. Beyond advertising content on billboards or branded items, marketers can also promote their products at virtual events where the activities are similar to the real-life versions.

Decentralization and the money flow of marketing

Decentralization, as the most important application of blockchain technology, gives Web3 users the right to own and customize their assets (lands, buildings, stadiums, etc.). Advertising content can now be displayed in specific locations that are more likely to catch the target audience's attention. As a result, marketers' marketing budgets should be distributed to ad space owners, resulting in a thriving advertising market.

Data Privacy: The Key Challenges

Thanks to blockchain technology, people can create new virtual profiles with no ties to their real-life profiles. In the Metaverse, user privacy is completely secure in blockchain wallets, which are protected by private keys that only their owners can choose to share or not. There should be a way to gather data for campaign optimization without infringing on users' privacy rights.

OnePad – a solution for Web3 marketing

OnePad is a Web3 Advertising Network that connects small, medium, and large businesses as ADVERTISERS to PUBLISHERS, including Metaverse, blockchain projects, etc. Advertisers can reach their potential customers in a convenient and non-intrusive manner using high-tech ad formats such as in-metaverse 3D billboards, interactive video shows, and so on. Meanwhile, GameFi and Metaverse projects can gradually add an additional revenue stream to their in-game economies. Furthermore, OnePad allows individuals to own advertising profits, making those blockchain projects more user-attractive and allowing them to monetize their virtual assets. The audience can now exercise control over their privacy while also earning money by providing necessary data and participating in incentive advertising activities.

OnePad solves pain points associated with advertising experience, data privacy, and closed in-game economies.

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