Advertisements Flow

The transmitting process of advertisements

With OnePad as a bridge, there are two ways for advertisements to be delivered:

2.1. Private deal

A private deal is a traditional working model in which advertisers and publishers negotiate freely on the amount of advertising (impressions, duration, and so on) and the cost of serving the ad. Advertisers are provided with a list of available inventories from publishers identified by their Placement ID using OnePad technology. Advertisers are allowed to have a private chat with the inventory's owners after selecting the appropriate one and, if possible, reaching a final agreement. After all, the system will serve the advertiser's advertising content on the publisher's agreed-upon inventory.

2.2. Real-time bidding

The entire process begins with a request for advertising when a user approaches the publisher's inventory. Following that, the ad server will prioritize advertising requests from advertisers based on the user profiles that have been targeted. For example, OnePad has been given permission to collect data from User A in Metaverse B (he was given our token as a reward for sharing); then when User A is near a OnePad inventory, the system will select ad content from advertisers who target users with profiles that are most similar to User A.

The entire process of real-time bidding, from setting up advertisers' campaigns to displaying ad content on inventories, is completely automated.

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