🧩Token Utilities

Investment asset

As a Web3 advertising network, OnePad needs an initial investment from blockchain funds to boost its network-widening activities. Our sharing model has been designed to benefit both token holders and shareholders.

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DAO governance

OnePad prioritizes the interests of the community. We give our community the ability to vote on any changes to our sharing model in order to balance the benefits of all parties involved and keep OnePad's economy stable.

Incentive ad formats

We understand that audiences have been in such a long time with not many real benefits from advertising in general. With OnePad, audiences will have benefits from interacting with advertisements, such as doing surveys, trying virtual items, etc. The cost of the ONP tokens as rewards for the audience’s participation will be paid by the advertisers.

In-metaverse activities

Since OnePad is the event organizer for brands, the participants need to hold a specific number of ONP tokens as tickets to enter and have a better experience at the event. During the event, ONP can be used as currency to buy products from brands. That will also add momentum to the growth of our tokens.

Network broadening

In return for potential investment opportunities, venture capital will support us with their invaluable connections to their GameFi/Metaverse projects as our publishers and even brands in traditional markets as our advertisers.

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